How do I use my Car Oil Diffuser? 

- Take off the wooden cap and remove the plastic plug. Tighten the wooden cap back onto the bottle. If you have a hanging diffuser, tip to soak the cap. If you have a vent clip, install the honeycomb(s) to draw the oil up. 

- Tighten the caps periodically, the oil will loosen the cap on the bottle.

- Wipe up any spills or drips immediately to avoid damage to surfaces. 


What kind of oil is used in the products?

- Fragrance oils are used in all products. Some scents contain essential oils as well. 


How long do I burn my candle? 

- Burn each time for approximately 2 hours. Each time you light the candle, the wax should melt to the edge of the glass to deter a 'quarry affect'. Burning a candle too long may result in a tall wick, which causes the flames to get high. If this happens, remove a portion of the wick. 


How long does your candles last? 

- The 6oz candles have an approximate 36hr burn time. 16oz candles have an approximate 90 hour burn time. Burn times may vary.